Fox Road

Raised in the countryside and often found covered glitter and face paint, sisters Kiara and Zoe Fox are no strangers to the big, bad city.
Growing up around an artistic family, Kiara and Zoe were introduced to music from an early age. They watched and learned as their mother played in various bands, from acoustic vocal quartets to African jungle jams, the girls discovered a sentimental passion for music.

Moving down to Melbourne in their final years of high school, the sisters quickly realised their ability to write songs, learn instruments and create undeniably pitch perfect harmonies.

Despite performing and creating together their whole lives, Fox Road officially formed in 2009 after having enough material to produce a night’s worth of entertainment. They had a string of gigs lined up ahead, from playing at weddings, to cafes and to landing a slot to perform in their hometown’s first modern music event, SunnyLot Festival.

Here they played alongside headline acts Sparkadia and Evermore. SunnyLot was a pivotal moment for the sisters as their talents were recognised from a completely different audience, creating a reliable fan-base 300km away from where they are stationed in Melbourne.

Come 2012, Fox Road decided to take a professional approach and seek a manager which they found in Rei Barker (The NaySayers, Centerville Ghost, The Velvets) and as of July they have released their debut mastered single ‘These Urges’.

The single reflects their acoustic and harmonic ability to captivate a sweet, folk-pop melody that incorporates a surprisingly fitting harmonica solo midway. If the rest of the upcoming EP is anything like ‘These Urges’ then there is no reason for these talented girls not to go far.

Maddie Stephenson