Thursday night witnessed up-and-coming Melbourne indie/roots band Velma Grove perform their very first headlining gig. Only hours after participating in a university battle of the bands competition on the other side of the city, the lads were back on Smith Street ready to get into the night.

Kicking it off was local act Chloe Turner (supported by BJ Hancock) who had the audience in silence from start to finish with her stunning vocals. A set of cleverly picked tunes, Chloe and BJ’s harmonies sounded pitch perfect and it was obvious of their history on stage together.

Following Chloe and BJ were rock/blues band The Men They Call Jayne. With just a half-hour long set, these guys were able to get the crowd going, ready for arrival of Velma Grove.

Just on 11pm, the audience started getting rowdy as the house music was turned off and the room went dark. The room lit up only by stage fairy lights, there was complete silence as frontman Maxie Roberts began plucking his guitar to the intro of ‘Criminals In The Night’.

With a set lasting over forty-five minutes, and managing to include all tracks of debut EP ‘Head for Heart’ (including a cover of The Jezebels ‘Endless Summer’)Max, Michael, Sam, Declan and Anthony had completely won over the entire room. Five-part harmonies, heartfelt lyrics and melodies that were stuck in my head for the rest of the night, Velma Grove completely nailed their debut headlining show and with almost 100 people attending, the gig proved to be a true turning point for the young band.

Maddie Stephenson

Photo by Chloe Turner