I recently caught up with bassist and all-round eye candy prince Leon Wan for a quick chat about his new involvement with indie-rock/post-punk band Dark Arts!

SOS: Leon! Thanks for joining me. I’m stoked at your addition to this insane group of boys, how did you get involved?
LW: Well the band started way back for the boys sometime about 4 – 5 years ago while at school in Ballarat. I joined the band in March this year and ever since I have just been playing shows with them between Melbourne and Ballarat!

SOS: How would you describe the Dark Arts vibe?
LW: Just a couple of good friends enjoying their time playing music. Hopefully that comes across through the music and our performances. But if i had to put a vibe to it, i would say an energetic, fresh and emotional vibe haha!

SOS: For our readers who are unaware, what’s behind the name ‘Dark Arts’?
LW: I have no idea where the name originated from, but I joined the band when they were already called Dark Arts but I am pretty sure it has to do with Harry Potter or something. I am pretty sure there is no meaning behind the name, just a name i guess!

SOS: How are you finding it playing in Melbourne venues as opposed to Ballarat venues? Is there more a sense of home for the band when playing in ballarat?
LW:Well, honestly coming from a neutral point of view, I feel that all the Ballarat shows that i have played have been amazing. It has an awesome vibe at Karova Lounge and everyone knows each other. I guess its more comfortable back in Ballarat for the boys but i am pretty sure in Melbourne we do feel the same. Carrying gear and stuff is just a tad bit of a hassle when coming to Melbourne, but other than that, we meet awesome people everytime we play.

SOS: Your debut single ‘Heart Strings’ has just been released, what was the process in writing and recording that?
LW: Well Gabe (keys/vocals) wrote most of the song and did a couple of demos with Sam (drums) and from there we just slowly refined it. We recorded it with Vinci from Gold fields in Sam’s bedroom and it was amazing. I remember playing FIFA 07, while Sam was just nailing his drum parts. It was simple but a lot of hard work went into the song. Hope you guys like it!

SOS:… and a video to go with it! How was it filming the debut video?
LW: We filmed the video at Camilla’s (Oliver’s [guitar] sister) backyard and that was amazing. Highlight of it was trying to play heart strings double the speed of the original song and also playing it two times slower. Tom who filmed our clip is just an amazing dude and he is a legend. It was an amazing experience and i hope to do one in the near future.

SOS: Can we expect an EP in the near future?
LW: Well at the moment we are just writing and practicing as much as we can, so till then i can confidently say that we will smash it out and take our time to do an EP, hopefully next year!

Thanks Leon!

Check out Dark Arts at Triple J Unearthed

and catch them this Friday (October 5th) at The Espy

Photo by Aleks Kostadinoski at AdamNotEve.net